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NaBFID is expected to provide a supporting, technology-enabled ecosystem across the life-cycle of infrastructure projects as a provider, enabler, and catalyst for infrastructure financing. NaBFID will work towards directly or indirectly lending, investing, and attracting investments from private sector investors and institutional investors for infrastructure projects located entirely or partly in India. The harmonized list of sectors prescribed by the Central Government includes Transport and Logistics (Roads, Ports, Airports, Railways, Inland Waterways), Energy, Water and Sanitation, Communication, and Social and Commercial Infrastructure.

The instruments and services extended to fund such project financing requirements will be subject to the NaBFID Lending Rate (NLR) as applicable, and will range across the following types, expanding with time and market demand:

  • Term Loans (Greenfield, brownfield, etc.)
  • Bonds or Debentures
  • Guarantees (Bid bonds, mobilization/advance payment guarantees, performance guarantees)
  • Letter of Comfort (Capex LC)

Additionally, NaBFID will provide equity investment opportunities through Investment Trusts, bond subscription services, specific structured products for project development, and ESG-focused lending.

In line with its developmental objectives, NaBFID is also committed to the development of various bonds and derivative markets, including domestic capital bonds, foreign currency bonds, and green bonds - while ensuring investor protection and the implementation of robust adjudication systems.

NaBFID will also coordinate with the Central and state governments, regulators, financial institutions, institutional investors, and other relevant stakeholders, to expand upon several institutional capabilities, by adopting data-driven appraisals, credit monitoring, and modern technology to digitize processes throughout the project lifecycle. It will offer policy advocacy,

Capital Structure:

During the year, the Government of India infused capital of ₹20,000 crores. As per the notification dated February 7, 2022, ₹20,000 crores of the share capital of the Institution stood allotted to the Central Government. The entire shareholding of the Institution is currently held by the Government of India.